For those of you who like to dive deep and learn it fast – this six-week intensive course in the power of WomanSpeak is for you!

This six-week program is designed to help you rewire your nervous system around public speaking, using your voice, and sharing your truth.

The focus is to support you in transforming your relationship to fear, resistance, anxiety, and being in “performance mode” around your speaking, so that you have the experience of feeling grounded, safe, connected, and authentic in your speaking. You are going to learn some unorthodox practices that are core to what WomanSpeak is about and you will have lots of opportunity to practice while also clarifying key aspects of the wisdom, insights, and ideas that live inside of you and need to be shared.

By the end of our six weeks together, you can expect to:

  • Be clear on your message
  • Understand the core ideas that are at the heart of your work, allowing you to communicate and share them in a way that is powerful and effective
  • Learn the art of storytelling
  • Transform your resistance around (or fear of) sharing your voice into freedom and natural confidence

We will be starting up another 6-week course soon (Late-Spring 2021). Please contact us (using the “Get Started” button above) to indicate your interest, or check back again shortly.

Discover and unleash your true potential, sign up for the WomanSpeak 6-week course!

6-Week Course


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