The ongoing bi-monthly WomanSpeak Circles allow you to truly immerse yourself in the unorthodox practices that are core to what WomanSpeak is all about, developing your skills as an effective, authentic speaker. You will rewire your nervous system around speaking up, moving you from feeling fearful, anxious, and like you need to “perform/do it right”, to feeling grounded, safe, connected, and authentic in your speaking. You will feel supported as you learn to share your ideas and voice clearly and powerfully in a variety of contexts, including short and long talks, storytelling, presentations, networking opportunities, panel discussions, and group meetings.

WomanSpeak Circles meet twice each month. There is a theme each month, designed to support you in focusing on a new area of public speaking, storytelling, and identifying ideas and content for meetings and presentations.

  • WomanSpeak Circles meet virtually using Zoom on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month, 3:00 – 5:00 ET / 12:00 – 2:00 PM PT

You can start WomanSpeak at any time. The monthly themes are not sequential and do not build on one another. Therefore, you do not need to worry about “being behind” in the curriculum at any time. Whenever you start, and wherever your Circle is in the curriculum, is the perfect place to begin!

Circles are designed to offer safe places for consistent practice, which is the key to becoming a powerful speaker (whether in public or in personal conversations) and for developing an authentic voice of leadership.

Our Circles create supportive, nurturing environments that allow women to feel safe to fully be themselves as they work on improving and enhancing speaking and delivery techniques; speaking honestly, authentically, and directly from the heart.

If you would like to take your speaking to the next level, our WomanSpeak certification program creates opportunities for even greater growth — Learn more.

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Become a Certified WomanSpeak Speaker

After participating in the full 16 months of curriculum, there is an opportunity to become certified as a WomanSpeak Speaker — you’ll learn more about this in the program. The WomanSpeak certification is a powerful thing to include on your resume or website to show you have received training on how to speak clearly, effectively, and authentically in any situation in life and work.

There is simply nothing that will prepare you more fully to bring your brilliance, your influence, and your ideas to the world!