Are you frustrated that you don’t have the time, energy, and expertise to provide the professional development opportunities that your employees are looking for?

Do you feel overwhelmed with all the planning involved in large-scale training programs, concerned that important details may be overlooked or fall through the cracks?

Do you need a skilled facilitator to deliver your professional development courses?

Do you have employees who struggle with communications or giving presentations, holding them back from success?

Are you concerned that your high potential employees are struggling with the transition from “do-er” to “leader”?

We provide professional development concierge services – supporting your training objectives from planning to delivery:

  • Work with you to determine ideal solutions
  • Act as “stage manager” throughout the planning and delivery stages:
    • Orchestrating logistics: scheduling, classroom set-up, assignments and facilitators
    • Leading workstreams to develop communications and content
    • Liaison between content developers and website designers
    • Proofreading facilitator guides, classroom materials and communications
    • Observing classroom facilitators and providing on-the-spot coaching to increase classroom engagement and effectiveness
  • Facilitate courses/workshops to unleash an individual’s true potential (your content, or ours)
    • Your employees can practice with a coach and get tips and feedback so they can start implementing what they learn immediately

If you manage a workforce, you need Cohesive Outcomes.

“I had the privilege of being coached by Karen as a complement to a career development/learning program at Deloitte. It’s a true skill to coach effectively – to help a professional find their way without being directive. Karen asked all the right questions to lead me to my own answers. I would highly recommend Karen as a coach to anyone looking to accelerate, refocus, or pivot their career.”

Mary S., Manager, Deloitte LLP

“I have been fortunate enough to be coached by Karen while facilitating national learning programs for my company over several years. Karen is incredible! She is a proven expert in her field and her coaching style is personalized, compassionate, and purpose-driven. She asked thought-provoking questions and offered tailored strategies drawing on her years of expertise to collaborate with me on crafting my public speaking style and voice. I absolutely noticed a difference in my public speaking presence after working with her. Anyone would be truly lucky to get the chance to benefit from Karen’s coaching!”

Arti B., Manager at Big 4 accounting firm

You’ll evolve your culture and see a change.

You’ll create:

  • Employees who are more relaxed and confident, and therefore, more productive
  • Fewer performance issues; less turnover
  • Increased credibility, and support of upper management
  • Work environment and culture that feels safe, trusting, and supportive

Your workforce should be engaged and perform at their highest potential.