Uncover the Power of Your Voice

“Speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have.”
— Oprah Winfrey

For those of you who like to dive deep and learn it fast – this 12-week intensive course in the power of WomanSpeak is for you!

This 12-week program is designed to help you rewire your nervous system around public speaking, using your voice, and sharing your truth.

The focus is to support you in transforming your relationship to fear, resistance, anxiety, and being in “performance mode” around your speaking, so that you have the experience of feeling grounded, safe, connected, and authentic in your speaking. You are going to learn some unorthodox practices that are core to what WomanSpeak is about and you will have lots of opportunity to practice while also clarifying key aspects of the wisdom, insights, and ideas that live inside of you and need to be shared.

Our 12-week course has two parts:

Part 1: 6 week duration
How to clarify your message and share it powerfully

By the end of six weeks:
·      Be clear on your message and become confident and influential in your speaking
·      Understand the core ideas that are at the heart of your work, and you’ll know how to communicate and share them in a way that’s powerful and effective
·      Learn the art of storytelling
·      Transform your resistance around your fear or doubt of unleashing your voice into freedom and natural confidence

Weekly Themes:
·      Sharing what you believe
·      The change you want to see in the world
·      Sharing your most powerful ideas
·      Your diamond insight
·      Leaving your legacy
·      How to tell an epic story

Part 2: 6 week duration
How to be influential with your voice and ideas

By the end of six weeks
·      Be a spokesperson for the change you want to see in the world
·      Enroll people into your vision so you can gain the support to bring your vision to life
·      Tell compelling and memorable stories
·      Be known as a moving and inspiring speaker
·      Be seen as a powerful communicator and influencer in your community or industry, no matter the setting

Weekly themes:
·      The heroine’s journey
·      The art of the authentic ask
·      How to give a how-to talk
·      The art of speaking spontaneously
·      How to enroll people in your vision
·      The art of the toast

We will be starting up our next 12-week course soon. When we have our new date, register below and discover what it feels like to share your voice with freedom and confidence.

“Karen was warm and welcoming, she created a safe and fun environment for us to learn and share. Her feedback was spot on, thoughtful, practical and delivered with grace, respect and care.”

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“I highly recommend this class for so many reasons. Not only will you improve your foundational public speaking skills. But you’ll gain a cohort of lovely and warm women, willing to share their truths and passions.”

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“The music and dancing were an awesome surprise. Such a fun way to connect and forge a bond even through zoom.”

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“Thanks to Karen for creating a supportive and safe environment. We all gained more confidence and poise in delivering our truths. I was able to experiment with new behaviors and techniques and get comfortable in delivering my message to others. It was an eye-opening experience for me. ” 

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WomanSpeak 12-Week Course:

Uncover the Power of Your Voice

(or 3 payments of $450)

Discover and unleash your true potential, sign up for the WomanSpeak 12-week course!

The Gift of WomanSpeak

Is there an important woman in your life who would benefit from this course?
If so, it would be an incredible gift to her! Just let us know when checking out that you’re gifting the course and we’ll be in touch with more details about this option.

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