Why WomanSpeak?

How do you feel when you want to express yourself in groups, or on stage?

Do you feel a tad uncomfortable – get that queasy feeling in your stomach, or that dry mouth feel, or that shaky, can’t-catch-your-breath feeling? Do you get hot and sweaty just at the thought of it?

Or maybe you don’t feel that terrified, but you find yourself getting flustered and unable to clearly articulate your thoughts?

Are you like so many other women across the globe who are wanting support in speaking up and leading as who they truly are, instead of feeling like they have to act like someone else, or fit into a masculine model of leadership?

If fear, doubt, or lack of clarity has been holding you back in any way from speaking your truth and sharing your ideas and creativity with the world, join us in WomanSpeak!

I’d love to support you in your quest to get clear on your message and gain the confidence to fully speak up and be your most authentic, clear, and persuasive self in any situation that comes your way.

The methods you’ll learn are highly unique, super fun, and extremely effective. The unique WomanSpeak practices help women to actually re-wire their nervous systems so that speaking up becomes an experience of safety, power, joy, and freedom.

In these programs, women learn the art and soul of public speaking.

WomanSpeak is a public speaking and leadership training program that differs from other programs, not only in its feminine focus, but also:

Our curriculum supports women in clarifying and owning the value of their ideas. We teach women how to prepare and deliver talks, presentations, and communications that move, impact, and influence their listeners. There is also an opportunity for women to develop their own Personal Path to Mastery to become a certified WomanSpeak Speaker.

We support women in feeling confident and free to speak up and be themselves in a variety of settings: group/team meetings, networking conversations, public talks on stages, panel discussions, fundraising conversations, and more.

We help women to transform fear, doubt, and resistance to sharing their voices into natural confidence and charisma. We deal with the unique challenges that come up for women around sharing their voices in the presence of men.

We provide a super supportive, celebratory, and fun environment!

How Does WomanSpeak Work?

Consistent Practice Matters
WomanSpeak programs are currently all online (don’t worry – we’ve learned the secret to making Zoom fun and engaging!) and can be in the form of bi-monthly ongoing circles (meeting two times each month), 6-week courses (meeting once a week), or intensive full-day (or weekend) experiences.

We have three WomanSpeak programs

Bi-monthly Circles

To truly immerse yourself in the WomanSpeak practices and develop your authentic speaking skills, we have an ongoing bi-monthly immersive experience.

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6-Week Course

For those of you who like to dive deep and learn it fast — this six-week intensive course in the power of WomanSpeak is for you!

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Coming Soon

We are currently developing an intensive full-day or weekend experience. Check back at a later time to learn more.

If you’re still not sure and want to give it a try, we have a $25.00 2-hour virtual workshop to get you exposed to the WomanSpeak experience. Click the button below to learn more.

Virtual Workshop

(If you know of someone who would benefit from this program, send them the link to this page — they will thank you for it.)

Maybe you want to speak on big stages.

Maybe you want to feel more confident and articulate in your team meetings.

Perhaps you want to be better able to share with others what you do in a succinct, meaningful, powerful way.

The World Needs Women to Stand Up and Speak

You were born with a unique voice.

Even if your message is about the importance of peace – an idea that has been shared countless times throughout all of history – because it is you and your unique essence, we need you to say it and share it. No one will ever say it the way you will, and there will be people who can only hear it in the way that you say it.

The time for you to stand up, be yourself, and say what you have to say to this world…IS NOW!

Do it now, not only because the message is burning inside you, but also because there are people in the world who so desperately need to hear it.

“The woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.”

Henry van Dyke, American author, educator, diplomat, clergyman

“We believe unleashing the brilliance of women’s voices is the key to positive change in our world.” 

KC Baker, WomanSpeak Founder

“The world will be saved by the Western woman.”
Dalai Lama, spiritual leader

But only if she speaks up…

If you want to discover your true potential and unleash it, sign up today for WomanSpeak!